Baby Buddy’s Jam!
Cheers, jeers and tears, the first ever Baby Buddy’s Jam was definitely an emotional roller coaster for not just the parents but us here at the Academy too.
We realised that nothing can compare to seeing the progression of students.
Students that have been learning at this building for years and it was equally as sentimental to have total newcomers brave the stage and deliver their best.
The purpose of the event was to offer a platform for our students to express themselves musically and to feel comfortable doing so in front of live audiences.
Well in every sense of that mission, we believe we succeeded.
We watched as those who were shy and those who were confident leave whatever fears they had behind and embrace their passion, music.
Whether their piece was 30 seconds or 5 minutes every single one was astonishing in their own way.
The showcase has opened our eyes to the importance of putting on events like these.
It provides us and the building with a strong sense of community, it serves parents with peace of mind and over-whelming joy and ultimately it helps inspire the next generation of musicians to come.
Thank you to everyone who helped out on the day; to all parents and guests who supported these budding musicians, you all are truly our buddies!
In case you missed the prep!

Here’s the Jam!



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