From our sister company, Academy Mews Dance Studios:
So what does one do on International Dance Day you wonder?  Do you hop and skip gleefully on your way to work, do you mambo as your making your morning cuppa, or better yet seize the chance to finally take part in a flash mob in central London.
Well, we’ve decided that this day, dedicated to shaking hips and swaying feet, would be more than opportune to announce new titles of our Dance Studios!
Why rebrand you say?
International Dance Day is all about introducing dance to people, cultures or societies which don’t follow and/or take part in dance events, with the intention to increase the awareness of the benefits of an activity like dance for not just a community but personal well-being.
So we’ve thought that introducing our new titles will help bring awareness to the different benefits our three dance studios can offer, with hopes that not only our regular members but new visitors to the building will be able to identify our studios with greater clarity.
The LOUNGE studio formally known as Dance Studio 3, has direct access to the Building’s waiting area.
The SOLO studio formally known as Dance Studio 2, is typically used for auditions and private rehearsals due to its small capacity.
The BALCONY studio formally known as Dance Studio 1, hints a bit of flair to it and rightly so as this large space has access to the Building’s balcony situated just high enough to see around the heights of Camden.
We hope that with these brand new titles for our Dance Studios you will find it easier to work it which one should suit your needs!
Happy International Dance Day!

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