Our First Ever Podcast!

Ever wondered what a conversation about music would be like between a business savvy Singer/Songwriter and an immensely passionate realist & record label manager.

Wait we’re not finished… who both happen to be siblings?! *Dun, dun duhhhh*

Well, this discourse setup our first-ever podcast episode to be featured on The Academy Building Podcast! Exciting, right!

Listen to the episode here: https://soundcloud.com/academybuildingpodcast/how-viable-is-a-music-career-in-2016-ft-elliot-hale-1-2-3-4-records

Harriette did the instigating, Elliott did the answering. This is dynamic that created 35 minutes worth of debate focused on a question that is more relevant now than ever before; How viable is a music career?

The two touched on truths that are undisputed in the music industry, to controversial practices, which bring up an industry horror story or two, and everything in between.

The episode even gets a little political, as the brother and sister discuss the impact of Brexit from the perspectives of an artist/ touring musician and the management behind artists.

So that being said, whether you’re in the industry or a hopeful prospect trying to break in. Maybe you’ve even asked yourself this question, maybe it’s never even popped into your head as a musician.

Regardless this is a conversation packed with genuine gems harvested by Harriette, our host for the first two episodes.
If we are talking some sense, please feel free to let us know.

The same goes if you think were blubbering absolute nonsense.

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