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Frequently Asked Questions. Had a browse round the site? Still not sure about a few things? Check out our FAQs to see if we can answer your questions. If not, get in touch and see how we can help on the phone or via email!

Where do the lessons take place?
All lessons take place on campus at The Academy at 15 Pratt Mews, NW1 0AD. We have a beautiful 4 storey building packed full of music rooms and a state of the art recording studio.
When do the lessons take place?
We are open seven days a week 10am to 10pm. Lessons can be organised directly with our teachers to fit into your schedule.
How do I choose a teacher?
Well it’s very simple, they’re all fantastic! However, you can read all their profiles on our staff page to see if you might have a preference, or have a chat with us on reception so we can recommend some one for you. Alternatively, let us know when you’re free and we’ll let you know who is available because every single teacher here is phenomenal; all professional practising musicians and educators who, amongst them, have worldwide reputations and are revered in their fields.
How do I pay?
All lessons are payable directly to the teacher and each have their own systems of invoicing but usually lessons are payable monthly or termly in advance. Discuss your particular financial options with your teacher directly. There is no minimum sign up period so you are never committed to ongoing lessons. We know you’ll love it so much, you won’t want to stop!
What Is The Cancellation Policy?

For all music room hire:

Bookings cancelled up to 1 month prior to the booking date will receive a 100% refund.

Bookings cancelled up to two weeks before the booking date will receive a 75% refund.

Bookings cancelled up to one week before the booking date will receive a 50% refund.

Bookings cancelled up to 72 hours before the booking time will receive a 25% refund.

Bookings cancelled less than 72 hours in advance will NOT be eligible for a refund.

For example:

A booking cancelled two days before would receive a 0% refund.

A booking cancelled four days before would receive a 25% refund.

A booking cancelled ten days before would receive a 50% refund.

A booking cancelled seventeen days before would receive a 75% refund.

A booking cancelled more than a calendar month before would receive a 100% refund!

How long are the lessons?
We offer lessons in 30 minutes, 45 minutes and hourly slots for private classes.
Do parents need to attend the classes?
No. Actually we recommend parents wait in the reception area whilst students have lessons as we’ve found parents can prove more distracting than anything. For younger students sometimes it’s nice for parents to attend the first lesson but thereafter you’re not obliged to. All students under the age of 16 need to have a parent or guardian accompany them to the building when they attend for the first time but thereafter students are welcome to make their own way here.
Are all staff CRB/DBS checked?
Absolutely. The Academy has a partnership with Total CRB who are a leading body for education and safety checking and it is through Total CRB all our musicians and teachers undergo regular checks.
Can I take exams?
Yes of course. We support several syllabi including ABRSM, TrinityGuildhall, Rockschool and LAMDA so you can take grades in any instrument. We don’t force exams and these are by no means obligatory. You can still become a fantastic musician without a certificate!
I'm an adult, am I too old to start learning?
There’s no such thing as too old! Music is for everyone and that’s something we firmly believe in!
How young can my child start learning?
Private lessons start from as young as age four and we would recommend Piano, Drums or Violin to start with. Guitar and woodwind instruments are often best saved until the child is a bit older. For little ones we also recommend you start with 30 minute lessons.
How long does it take to be able to play well?
The answer is quite simple. The more time you invest in your learning and practice, the sooner you will achieve your goals. By this we don’t necessarily mean the more lessons you have the better you will get. Instead we believe in the power of practice. There’s no reason why one lesson a month wouldn’t be sufficient enough provided you put in the practice in between lessons!
OK, How do I start?
Simply get in touch with your preferred teacher or the office to book your first lesson. We don’t have waiting lists and it’s something we’re very proud of. Once one teacher becomes fully booked, we bring another one on board! We have 30 teachers to date (Sep 2017), all hand selected by our Director who has an enviable network of musicians and educators at her disposable so rest assured you’re in the best possible hands.

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For any other questions, please write to us at

info@northlondonmusicacademy.com or call us on


020 7388 9090

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