Group Classes – As Simple As 1 – 2 – 3 !!

73Our Group Classes offer a unique opportunity to work alongside other passionate musicians, share in each other’s progress and improve your skills at an affordable cost – all in a supportive and non-threatening environment. Through these classes, we teach a broad range of disciplines. There really is something for everyone. Although each class is usually taught by the same teacher, we pride ourselves on recruiting professional musicians who are in high demand as performers. This means that occasionally a class will be taken by a different teacher.

But rest assured – our entire staff have been chosen for their excellence as musicians and educators, and we pride ourselves on the high quality of your learning experience at The Academy.

When joining our Group classes, students will learn:

  • introduction to playing either piano/guitar or singing and reading music theory
  • the basic music literacy and musicianship
  • correct finger positioning or vocal and breathing techniques
  • how to perform in a group

How Do I Get Involved?

In order to join our Group Classes, you can purchase the term online

There are three terms per year which include with a summer concert and a Christmas concert for group students to perform in front of friends and family.

WINTER TERM – 14 classes £273 = £19.50 per class

SPRING TERM – 12 classes £234 = £19.50 per class

SUMMER TERM – 13 classes  £253.50 = £19.50 per class

Sibling Discount available, please give us a call directly, so we can issue you a code to use at checkout.

If the term you would like to join is full, we can put your child’s name of the waiting list *£30 registration fee is required .


Please complete the form below to be added to our group class waiting list


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For any questions about the group classes, please call us on 0207 388 9090.

All of our Terms & Conditions can be viewed and downloaded here.

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