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Our Group Classes offer a unique opportunity to work alongside other passionate musicians, share in each other’s progress and improve your skills at an affordable cost – all in a supportive and non-threatening environment. Through these classes, we teach a broad range of disciplines. There really is something for everyone. Although each class is usually taught by the same teacher, we pride ourselves on recruiting professional musicians who are in high demand as performers. This means that occasionally a class will be taken by a different teacher. But rest assured – our entire staff have been chosen for their excellence as musicians and educators, and we pride ourselves on the high quality of your learning experience at The Academy.

How Do I Get Involved?

In order to access the Group Classes, you will need to buy one of our BUNDLES.

Each bundle contains a certain number of credits. One credit is worth one class – and you can use your credits to access any class on our timetable. Just pick whatever takes your fancy! There’s no obligation to come to a particular class every week, you really can just pick and mix. (If you’d like to attend the same class every time, that’s fine too!) We have four BUNDLES to choose from:

5  CREDIT BUNDLE   £98 = £19.60 per class

10 CREDIT BUNDLE £169 = £16.90 per class

15 CREDIT BUNDLE* £199 = £13.30 per class

20 CREDIT BUNDLE* £229 = £11.45 per class

*Must be used within 90 days of your first class

Once you’ve bought a BUNDLE you can go ahead and book yourself into a class on the internet, and the credits will automatically be deducted from your account. It’s that simple. And you don’t just have to spend credits on yourself either. You’re welcome to use your BUNDLE to bring along friends and family members. And when the credits run out, you can simply buy another BUNDLE.

All of our BUNDLES can be viewed and purchased here.

Which Classes Are Right For Me?

Now that you’ve bought your BUNDLE, it’s time to decide what you’d like to learn! This can be done by exploring our timetable, which contains a detailed description of each class, including what you can expect to gain from it. On our timetable, you will see that we have two types of classes, highlighted in Purple and Green, Yellow or Blue. You can attend any of them, but there are a couple of key differences:

Mixed Classes are marked in Purple

Our Mixed Classes are based on the principles of Vertical Learning. By bringing together students of different skill levels, our teachers are able to facilitate an exciting learning experience tailored to suit the needs of those in the group. Mixed Classes can be enjoyed by students of any age and any ability. So whether you’re nine or ninety-nine, you will always be welcomed with open arms. Just come with a positive attitude and an open mind! These classes are perfect for bringing friends and family together, and exploring new skills in a relaxed and sociable way.

Progressive Classes are marked in Green, Yellow or Blue

Our Progressive Classes are based on the principles of Streamed Learning. By bringing together students of similar skill levels, these lessons are aimed at those wishing to see focussed progress in a particular discipline, and study with other students who are a little more matched in ability. If you wish to take music grades or gain other specific qualifications, these lessons may be the best option for you. However, there is no obligation to take grades as this may not be right for some students. As with our Mixed Classes, our Progressive Classes are open to students of any age. As a general rule, our Progressive Classes are usually taught in three levels:


(Beginners to approximately Grade 2 or equivalent)


(Approximately Grade 3 to approximately Grade 5 or equivalent)


(Approximately Grade 6 to approximately Grade 8 or equivalent)

So whether you want to attend Mixed Classes or Progressive Classes, there’s certain to be something that’s right for you. Check out our bundles, have a look at our timetable and book your classes now! What are you waiting for? There’s a whole world of music to explore!

Can’t see a class that works for you? Don’t worry!

Request an addition to our timetable!

Use code ELEVEN at checkout to book in for your first class for just £11.45

(our lowest price as offered via the 20 credit bundle)

5 Credit Bundle

Purchase 5 credits to be redeemed against any of our group classes.

Must be used within 60 days.

Purchase your 5 credit bundle here.

10 Credit Bundle

Purchase 10 credits to be redeemed against any of our group classes.

Must be used within 60 days.

Purchase your 10 credit bundle here.

15 Credit Bundle

Purchase 15 credits to be redeemed against any of our group classes.

Must be used within 90 days.

Purchase your 15 credit bundle here.

20 Credit Bundle

Purchase 20 credits to be redeemed against any of our group classes.

Must be used within 90 days.

Purchase your 20 credit bundle here.

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