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Unique to The Academy is the musicianship course, a syllabus we are championing as our piece-de-resistance – group classes which integrate an internal understanding and connection to music alongside the teaching of theoretical and technical knowledge. Those who graduate from this pioneering course will do so with the ability to understand everything they hear, compose, arrange and speak the language of music fluently.



AGES 3 – 6

DAY SAT, 01:30 PM



DAY TUES, 07:00 PM



DAY TUES, 08:00 PM



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Musicianship training gives you the skills you need to understand music fluently…

Musicianship is the combination of skills that allow people to play, improvise and compose music by ear. It is sometimes referred to as ‘musical sense; or ‘having an ear for music’. Players with strong musicianship can play tunes immediately after hearing them, write down melodies and chords they hear in their head, or imagine a melodic phrase and play it instantly on their instrument. Musicianship combines ear training, music theory, technique, intelligence and creativity. It is the key to becoming a fluent musician. Musicianship teaches the skills that unlock the secret to musical success and enable you to read, compose and play with ease. The Academy teaches musicianship in a way that requires only your voice, ears and body to develop the instinctive recognition and understanding of a seasoned musician.

Understanding The Levels

All students start at Level One, regardless of their musical experience. As our method is so unique, we require all students to approach the method as if they were learning a new language,

i.e. from the beginning!

Students can move through the levels at their own pace by way of assessment. 

Classes take place for one hour per week and three times a year students are given the opportunity to perform at a prestigious London venue.

The Academy belives in fluid learning and as such you can start a course at any time. No need to wait for the start of ‘term’. Classes are bookable 50 weeks of the year for a year round learning experience!

There are no requirements for joining Level One. For children’s classes please confirm the age appropriate class before booking.

Understanding Musicianship

The benefits of music teaching are well documented**  – but what element of music teaching is it that delivers these benefits? Learning the birthdate of Beethoven? Pressing ‘start’ on guitar hero? No, it is musicianship that offers the benefits in concentration, self-awareness , self-monitoring, confidence, achievement, memorisation, co-ordination and language development/skills – those transferable skills that give advantage across academic areas.

In other countries with more enlightened music education systems with less political interference (Finland, Hungary, France, Denmark etc…) group musicianship training comes before (and alongside) investment in instrumental teaching. This focus ensures success in instrumental studies and removes obstacles to progression that frustrate instrumental learners.

Musicianship has been developed by ground-breaking teachers at London Music Colleges: Barak Schmool (RAM, Trinity Laban, City Uni) and Laurie Blundell (GSMD, City Uni). They have adapted the musicianship  teaching of Hungarian godfather Zoltan Kodály to reflect the realities of this century, involving rhythmic discipline from Indian and African music, preparing the individual for any musical path they may desire.



The Kodaly Method

Very simply the Kodály Method could be summed up as the practice and belief in musicianship development through singing. The sequential learning process can operate with the view that one proceeds from the simple to the complex. Studies have shown that the Kodály Method improves intonation, rhythm skills, music  literacy and the ability to sing in increasingly complex parts. Outside of music it has shown to improve performance in other academic areas such as maths and reading, concept formation and perceptual functioning. The Hungarian composer Kodály became interested in the music education of children in 1925 and began a long term project to reform music teaching in the lower and middle schools by actively creating a new curriculum. Kodály believed that effective musical learning must begin with singing as it is the finest means of music making and is in-built in mankind. It ensures a connection with the inner hearing, the mostessential aspect of any musician. The Kodály Method is a comprehensive system which should precede instrumental practice. What are the benefits?

Kodály says this: “Sound musical education should start with the use of the voice and thus directly the ear. The continual nourishment of the ear at a young age will influence the way we listen. Listening is fundamentally different from hearing. Listening is a conscious activity that requires practice. Real music education improves our listening as a whole, not just to music but to people and more importantly to ourselves, which in turn improves our communication and leads to improved confidence, concentration and attention. It is useful to know that the ear is not only a receptor of sound (consciously or unconsciously) but that it has influence over the entire body. The ear feeds our sense of balance, our spatial orientation, our co-ordination and movement. All these elements of the functioning of the Human Organism are being developed when one engages in real musical learning.”

Mini Maestros


For children aged 3 to 6

A fun group class aimed at children aged 3 to 6 on Saturday afternoons from 1.30pm to 2.30pm.

The class is designed as a prequel to our Mastering Music Musicianship Course and teaches children basic rhythmic and aural skills through play. Children are introduced to the language of sol-fa and are also taught the basics of singing, piano and hand percussion.

There are no entry requirement for this class and it often serves as a fantastic route for private lessons and the Musicianship Course once your child has found their ‘musical feet’!

Available as part of class pass or your selected class bundle.

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