Why Music Education is Important

So we could have given you pages worth of detailed reasons why and how music plays a very important role in not just education, culture, and socialisation but the development of the brain too…

Which we actually have done, in the format of an e-book! Get your free copy here.

For this blog, I would love for our readers to watch this simple TedEd video which explains the neurology behind the music and how beneficial it can be learn an instrument.

This video provides a visual explanation that is almost unparalleled in its simplicity.

The cartoon features easily digestible information allowing a wide-range of audience, young & old to understand why music can be the upgrade your brain may be missing.

Anyway, enough said. Watch the video here:

If that intrigued you, read this our FREE E-book on why every child needs music: https://academybuilding.clickfunnels.com/optin10209457

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