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1x 45min Online Lessons – Piano


5 online private lessons.

Suitable for all levels.



Enjoy a private online session, perfect for all levels, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Duration: 45min

Suitable for adults and children from 5 years plus.

£35 for a single private online lesson

“When you have one-to-one lessons, your learning develops exponentially!

The material covered is better for you, you go at a pace that suits your needs, you get better feedback, and you form a better relationship with your tutor which can increase the drive to do well!”

Once purchased, we will put you in touch with your tutor via email to arrange suitable times to host your online class.

All online classes are set up via Zoom.

Please ensure to have the instrument you are learning available to practice on at home during your class and as part of your homework and/or personal practice.


Terms & Conditions and Safeguarding Measures

By agreeing to online lessons, you agree to the following terms and conditions and acknowledge the following safeguarding measures:

1. Lessons will take place via the Zoom app (or via facetime at the teachers discretion). An email address must be provided by the parent/student for the teacher to contact them on. Teachers will call students at their timetabled lesson time, students are not to call teachers.

2. Both parties agree that the lessons will be recorded to ensure and provide evidence that learning outcomes are being met for both the student and teacher. Please note the recorded footage will be available for online distribution and is the property of North London Music Academy.

3. Lessons must take place in a neutral location such as a kitchen, living room or office and NOT in the students’ / teachers bedroom.

4. All lessons MUST take place on a secure wifi connection to ensure the child and teacher are protected from hacking and they have privacy.

5. Lessons will remain at the regular timetabled times unless rescheduled with the teacher at a convenient time.

6. A lesson can be rescheduled a maximum of 2 times at the discretion of the teacher, any missed/cancelled digital lessons after that will be lost.

7. If you are unwell, please let your teacher know so they can reschedule your lessons for another day. We do not expect children/ adults who are suffering with symptoms of the virus to take part in lessons until they feel better.

8. Where possible, a parent or guardian must be present in the premises of the students’ location if they are under 16.

9. All Block purchases for online classes are final. In extreme circumstances will a refund be issued due to a complaint or breach of contract from the teacher.

10. All lessons purchased in a block are valid for a term of 12 months from the date of purchase.

11. The Student has the right to instruct the teacher to create lessons at mutually convenient times for both Student and teacher. The date, time and location of each lesson are flexible and need not be the same for each lesson.

12. In the unlikely event that a student does not feel satisfied with the quality of teaching overtime. The Student agrees to inform North London Music Academy via email ( who will recommend a suitable replacement and transfer remaining lessons in a block to the new tutor.

By making this purchase, you agree to our terms and conditions as outlined above, and for North London Music Academy, to arrange your or child/s music lessons in the online space provided.