Arokia Mouttapa

– Guitar Teacher

About Arokia Mouttapa

Arokia is a professional guitarist, tutor and a performer. She holds the advanced grade in Music performance in Guitar from Trinity College, London.

Arokia teaches guitar for children at all ages from beginner to advanced levels as Music is her passion from a very young age. She has also prepared her pupils for graded examinations and her students have scored high marks.

Learning music not only promotes self-expression and enjoyment, but it is closely linked to improved cognitive functions. She enjoys working with children of different age ranges.

She covers many different styles of Music from classical to pop and has more than 5 years of experience as a tutor and performer. Having worked with a highly reputed music schools overseas ,She has immense skills and passion in teaching music. Arokia works at a Primary school, as teaching has been her preferred career choice. 

Arokia aims to make lessons more enjoyable for students. She provides a structured approach to teaching.

She is available for one-one guitar sessions and group sessions. Arokia is a Primary teacher who contributes majorly for music teaching in schools. She has run an after school club for singing and also trained children to participate in prestigious events including Commonwealth choir performances, Infant music festival. These events have played a major role in supporting the school and adding to her wider professional duties. She have taken part in trips to Cambridge and the City of London to accompany the children to some prestigious venues. She has played guitar at class masses, assemblies and community events. She majorly contributed to all aspects of teaching and learning in the school through applying her musical expertise. Arokia handles a number of private music lessons.

Apart from English, Arokia can also conduct the lessons in French. Please feel free to contact Arokia to arrange for the guitar lessons at the North London Music Academy.

Contact: 07305958758

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