Nick Gordon – Bass & Guitar Lessons, Composition Teacher

About Nick Gordon

Nick is a versatile and experienced musician; he started out playing classical guitar at the age of 8 before finding his passion in playing electric bass.

He studied Popular music at Leeds College of Music and Jazz at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, BA (Hons).

He has performed at venues and events including The Millennium Centre (Cardiff), Brecon Jazz festival (Brecon), Dokkhuset Scene (Trondheim, Norway) and has also played on various British and German independent films and theatre productions.

His compositions and studio productions have featured on BBC Radio (BBC Introducing) and on globally exhibited films, such as “Blood Shot, The Dreams and Nightmares of East Timor.”

Influenced by players like Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller and Flea, Nick is interested in the capacity of the bass guitar as a solo instrument as well as providing the fundamental rhythmic and harmonic support more typically associated with bass playing.

Nick’s lessons aim to provide students with a solid understanding of the role of the instrument in different musical situations, covering a range of stylistic approaches, helping students to develop skills to approach many musical scenarios with confidence.        

Bass lessons can involve exploring technical exercises focusing on different areas of bass playing such as fingerstyle, picking, slapping, tapping etc. Nick also teaches Guitar, Double Bass and Music Theory. His particular focus is on jazz, soul, blues and funk.

Lessons can either be structured in accordance with a specific area of interest of the student or more general lesson plans can be followed. A few examples of lesson topics include: developing good time/feel and “groove” or looking at different approaches to improvisation, such as modal playing and playing over changes etc. 

07515 476 739

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