Marek Bero – Bass Guitar Teacher

About Marek Bero

Marek is a resident bass guitarist here at The Academy, he offers both private 1-2-1 bass guitar lessons and group music classes.

Marek Bero is a professional studio and live bassist, artist, tutor
and Mesa/Boogie, Yamaha, and Markbass clinician.

He toured/recorded extensively with a vast variety of bands and artists.

His bass method books are available worldwide through Amazon and iStore.

What will you learn?

Every lesson is suited to your individual needs.

We’ll focus on your technique, tone, rhythm, phrasing, grooving, performance and everything else you’ll need to be happy with your bass playing.

Here are some examples of what you can learn.


Right hand: fingers style (two, three-finger picking, pizzicato, palm
muting, special techniques), slap (thumb, pop, double stroke,
rock/metal style of slapping techniques, left-right hand coordination,
percussive notes, Marcus Miller-Victor Wooten-Mark
King-Flea-Fieldy-T.M.Stevens-Larry Graham styles), tapping (chord
playing, two-three fingers style, left-hand dexterity, John
Myung-Billy Sheehan-Stu Hamm approaches)

Left hand: well-balanced position, hammer- on, pull-off, slide,
vibrato, tremolo, focus on stamina, speed, and dexterity.


Rhythm exercises, metronome workouts, tone shaping, right “sexy” notes


All music styles – rock, pop, metal, jazz, afro-Caribbean music,
blues, funk, soul.
Bass heroes studies:

Play and learn how they achieve their mastery on examples of John Paul Jones, Paul McCartney, John Entwistle, Mark King, Geezer Butler, Steve Harris, John Myung, Fieldy, Robert Trujillo, Marcus Miller, Victor
Wooten, Flea, Tim Commerford, Chris Wolstenholme, Les Claypool.

Music Theory:

Scales and chords relationship, pentatonic studies, basic music sheet
reading, soloing.

Sound and maintenance:

Amps/cabinets knowledge, using the right effects, set-up your instrument.

phone: 07919938889

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