Dominic Thatcher – Saxophone Teacher

About Dominic Thatcher

Dominic offers 1-2-1 Saxophone Lessons.

Dominic is a self taught musician from Salisbury now based in London who started playing the sax at the age of 15. With his fantastic ability on the whole family of saxophones and distinctive sound is widely considered one of the most naturally talented instrumentalists to have come out of the south west. Playing the saxophone in bands around the south of England and London, playing Blues, funk, folk, Latin jazz & fusion music and more.

Dominic who has lived in London for less than 2 years has already created a great impression and played with some of the UK’s finest musicians and is a popular choice for session work and recording! 

Dominic is also widely recognized for his unique style of improvisation and for his fantastic tone on all registers of the saxophone family. Dom does not possess any classical qualifications, however draws his improvisational skills from starting out at blues jams. He has played at many blues festivals and is widely recognized on the blues scene.

He is also involved in original projects: Jupiters Carnival, The Second Sons and Nelson & Friends which are all making waves in the London scene!

He played at Ronnie Scott’s, The Isle of White festival, The Vortex, Hackney Empire, The blues Kitchen, The Colston Hall, The Jazz Cafe, BIC, The Old Duke. 

He has played and recorded with: The Drezone, Rick leon James, Andy Sheppard, Enzo Zirilli, Barry Barnes, Ray Drury, Brandon Allen, Michael Wedgwood, Eddie Martin, Robin Bibi,, Colin Edwin, Jimmy Keegan, Matthew Richards, Tim Madden, Andy golden, Todd Sharpville, Michael Barnes, David Mrakpor, Kofi Percussion.

Dom’s Lesson Structure: Quick track start-up course over 12 weeks (ideally)

This quick track scheme will be ideally suited to children (or adults) who are new to the saxophone and will help address all the common issues that are faced when starting out as a saxophonist! These lessons will be interactive and fun and should help to develop improvisational skills.

  • How to get properly set-up with the right equipment 
  • How to breathe properly 
  • How to develop and good sound 
  • Tonguing skills 
  • Playing in tune
  • Playing basic tunes such as Green onions 
  • How to develop thier own voice in improvisation
  • Basic Scales including the blues scale
  • How to improvise over chords-then over a 12 bar 
  • Will make the lesson interactive so the students can play along to the guitar 
  • Ear-training


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