Edoardo Bombace – Bass Teacher and Band Leader

About Edoardo Bombace

Edoardo has a degree in Jazz Music from Licinio Refice Conservatoire of Frosinone (Rome, Italy), a Bass Diploma, both of “Cum Laude” and over ten years of experience as a bass and double bass player and teacher of bass guitar, music theory/harmony, solfeggio and band leader.
He likes to be a session man in this part of his life, as for this reason he has been playing music festivals around Europe and has recorded many albums of artists from all around the world.

Since he was young, he studied a wide range of music styles (with the best italian bass players and music teachers), such as pop, rock, jazz, funk, blues, fusion, R’n’B, etc. and took on classical studies on the double bass (with the bow) and a bit of piano, so now that he’s focussing his attention on inspiring other musicians – while playing professionally – he shares his complete expertise with the students he teaches.

In his friendly and approachable individual lessons, he will focus on basic technique (and later different techniques as slap, pop, pick, etc.), ear training, solfeggio, studying many songs, reading music scores, studying walking bass lines and famous bass riffs, recording and analysing your bass lines, etc.

First of all, he’ll work on timing and sound, the most important skills that a bass player must have. His aim is always to present his teaching method in a fun and engaging way.

If you like the sound of what Edoardo offers you, please get in touch!



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