Coming from a colourful cultural background, I grew up in Lugano, Switzerland.

After studying electric bass with renowned Jazz player Ivan Lombardi, I moved to Pasadena (Ca) to pursue my passion full time at LACM (Los Angeles College of Music)

There, I had the great opportunity to study under the many mentors of L.A.’s music scene such as Steve Billman, Jerry Watts, David Levray, Philip Bynoe, Dave Pozzi, John Avila, Rick Garcia and others.

After graduating and gaining some experience in the city of Angels i decided to move to London to continue my journey.

I am currently based in London, working as a Bass player for tutoring, remote & studio sessions, live and touring.

Since my college years i always loved to improve as a musician and as a human being, I figured that it’s much easier and fun if you learn “how to learn” and if you do it in a nice, relaxed and friendly environment. 

I personally like a modern and “ready to play” approach on teaching in my private 1-2-1 lessons. 

No matter what your goals are we will get there, we will set a plan and you will enjoy the journey!

I provide all the material, paper and online formats, dropbox folders and music-video files for you.

Take it easy, i am HERE for YOU!

Some of the topics we generally cover on class 

  • Tone – From your head through your hands, bass and amp. Your Tone is your voice.
  • Timing – Metronome, inner clock exercises, time reading texts
  • Sight reading – Classical etudes, chart reading
  • Styles and Repertoire – Jazz, Funk, Rock, Pop
  • Scales and Arpeggios
  • Harmony and Theory
  • Ear training
  • Techniques – Finger style, 3and4 finger arpeggios, slap, tapping, harmonics, 3 finger palm mute
  • Creative playing – I like to put emphasis on creativity. You will learn how to write and compose bass lines and melodies
  • How to build and maintain a solid practice routine!

To find out more about what I do you can check out my website at www.EdTheBass.com.

I am also reachable on 

Instagram: @edthebass_com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/edthebass/


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