Francesco Domenichetti – Guitar Teacher

About Francesco Domenichetti

Francesco is a London-based guitar player, composer and tutor born in Rome, Italy.

Graduated in February 22th 2018 in Heavy Rock Guitar from Saint Louis College of Music, Rome, he also owns a diploma in Mixing Music with Steinberg Cubase.

Francesco has been studying guitar for over 10 years exploring different genres, from Blues to Metal, Fusion, Pop Rock, and Folk Music.

Francesco offers electric and acoustic guitar tuitions to students from every walk of life, from beginners to advanced.

His lessons will focus, according to the student needs, on:

Specializing in the most common techniques used in modern guitar as setting of the two hands and the pick.
Most used scales in modern music with focusing on improvisation.
Ryhtmic playing.
Sight Reading.
Knowledge and craftmanship of Steinberg Cubase.
Ear training.

During his lessons, he follows the student’s inclination, personality, creativity with strong professional ethics. The more the student succeded, the more he succede as a teacher.
This led me to develop a good communication, flexibility and problem-solving skills.

Moreover, he strongly believe that a music journey is successful when the student’s personal creativity and their technical skills are intertwined.

To do so, he has included the use of a professional DAW software such as Steinberg Cubase during his lessons.
As a proficient user himself, he also use it to help students, and other musicians, record their music.

He attended lectures with Giacomo Anselmi, William Stravato, Umberto Fiorentino, Lorenzo Feliciati, Marco Manusso, Pierpaolo Pricipato.

His training is also due to the participation of workshops with world-reknowned musicians as Guthrie Govan, Pat Mastelotto, Nick Johnston, Mattias Eklundh, John Macaluso, Jeff Loomis,
Umberto Fiorentino, Daniele Pomo, Giacomo Anselmi, Lorenzo Feliciati.

He also had private lesson with Teemu Mantysaari, Jakub Zytecki and Charlie Cawood.

With the metal band Durandal we published an album and perfomed in some Festivals in Rome.
Worked as a composer, musician, arranger and producer for the band Progressive Metal band Agera, publishing the album on Spotify.
From 2016 to 2018 he composed the soundtrack for the Steam Punk Fantasy Book Apophis Saga, writing orchestral music. Producing and recording musician involved into the project. The album
is coming out in the late 2019.
He composed commercials for the Italian Radio, and for the Educational podcast Interactive Italian which is avaiable on Spotify and Apple Music.

Mobile phone: 07938519951


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