Romeo Velluto – Guitar – Jazz – Composition

About Romeo Velluto

Romeo Velluto is a jazz musician, composer, producer, sessionman.

He studied at the Music Conservatoire of Milan, and previously at Cemm (European Centre of modern music).

He travelled all over Europe busking everywhere, his playing has been contaminated by different styles, thanks to a multitude of experiences and approaches sometimes far from the standard.

In his style there are elemens of jazz, blues,country, latin and rock.

In 2011 he released his first album, a mix of cool jazz and mediterranenan influences with the jazz quartet VELVETNOJAZZ.

In 2012 he moved to London where he’s been rapidly involved in many bands and collaborations.

During his career as musician he played with Glenn Miller (Buena Vista Social Club) Cosimo Keita Cadore (Shakira, Zucchero, Lionel Richie) Vittorio Bianco (Albano, Tullio De Piscopo, Gino Paoli, Rita Pavone)Thunderstrick (Iron Maiden former) among others.

He also performed in several theatre productions and theatre cabaret, Giorgia Batocchio and Rossella Bellantuono among others (Zelig).

Band leader of Electromoovin,  co-leader of Ever’n’jazz and In Jazz Veritas band.

In Jazz Veritas band:

Ever in Jazz band:


The Duke Street big band

Theatre music


He is an Examiner for RSL awards (Rock Syllabus).

Teaching subjects:

-classical and modern guitar (pop, rock, reggae, latin, funk)

-jazz guitar and improvised language

-songwriting techniques (theory, harmony, arrangement)

-peripathetic music for children

-bass, ukulele, percussion

-jazz-pop-rock ensemble (band-leading)

+44 (0)7459616710

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