Harriette Hale – Vocal Coach

About Harriette Hale

Musician and entrepreneur, Harriette graduated as a singer and pianist from City University and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. 

Director and founder of The Academy, The Agency and The Artists, Harriette is an impassioned and inspired woman to whom the sky is the limit. As a singer and songwriter, Harriette has graced studios and stages across the country and remains dedicated to her art, regularly producing new material and collaborations both on and off the stage. As a teacher and mentor, Harriette has helped her students achieve their own phenomenal success and continues to lead the way in vocal coaching, music education and artist development. Not one to settle for mediocrity it’s safe to say we can expect much more to come from Harriette as she continues to live by her mantra of.. “Some people wish it would happen, some want it to happen, but I make it happen”


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