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About Laura Mierzejewski

I started my vocal training at just nine years old and have studied singing for many years with some of the world’s best teachers: Voxbox Director and Co-Founder Leon Berrange, Advanced IVA Instructor Rachel Black, master SLS teacher Greg Enriquez and master IVA teacher Guy Babusek. 

I have taken part in singing competitions such as Sky 1’s Must Be The Music, (which saw my band and I perform at The Hackney Empire in front of the likes of Jamie Cullum & Dizzee Rascal) been through the gruelling audition processes of both The Voice UK and The X Factor UK.

Through writing, recording and touring with my band Tokyo Taboo I have gained an extensive knowledge surrounding today’s music industry and unsigned scene. The music industry is competitive and tough on all who partake in it. That’s why it’s so important to be the best vocalist you can be and stay in a supportive learning environment. I will push you, improve your voice and provide you with advise and guidance that I’ve learned through all my years in the industry. I know the pitfalls of singing in a band with a loud drummer behind you forcing you to shout to hear yourself. I’ve spent many hours flipping into head voice, pulling chest to get what I thought was a strong and powerful sound. I know how frustrating it is to want to sound a certain way but for your voice not to behave itself! I used to be limited by my voice and wrote songs only in my comfort zone now my voice inspires me.

I’ve been through it all so let me show you how to master your voice so that you can become the singer (and artist) that you’ve always wanted to be!

What My Students Say:

 ‘Laura was introduced to me by my girlfriend’s best friend. A lovely lady who clearly has a lot of patience with singers with little talent.

A few months ago I was a total beginner with no musical background. I had a deep seated phobia about singing in public – thanks to my headmaster’s comments 42 years ago.

My goal was to sing a love song to my girlfriend in front of 120 people at our joint birthday party. It was a real challenge for both of us. I realised just in time that I needed to practice the exercises she gave me. The day came, nerves were definitely there but thanks to Laura’s talent, patience and hard work I did it and it went as well as I could have hoped for.

I would recommend Laura to anyone whether they have little talent like me or have the potential to be the next singing superstar.

P.S. She is also good at keeping secrets – the song was a total surprise to everyone at the party.’

‘Becoming a vocal Powerhouse

My name’s Chirag and I sing Jazz and Bollywood songs at Care Homes all over London and surrounding counties. I’ve always been able to hold a tune and love performing to small crowds of appreciative audiences. Being raised in North West London and with Indian heritage I’ve had my head in Bollywood and Western styles of music.

More recently, I took up community theatre and fell in love with Jazz but always felt that I needed a nudge in the right direction to relax my vocal cords when I sing those powerful finishes to Swing classics. That’s where my lovely vocal coach came in just at the right time!

Laura’s helped me find my head voice and pushed and pushed me to work on my upper and lower registers, treating my vocal cords with the respect they deserve. I’ve been taking lessons with her for a year now and after every single lesson I come away having learned something new, with the knowledge that she’s listened closely to my voice and given me everything I need to work cleverly on my vocal technique and performance. I always come to her with my song choices and no matter how familiar I am with them, she always gives me her sage advice so that I can make a sweeter sound and deliver the song with comfort and confidence. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’d recommend her to anyone who asks. Thanks Laura!’


Certified Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) Instructor


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