Sonia Edgy – Singing and Vocal Coach

About Sonia Edgy

Sonia Edgy is a versatile creative artist & session vocalist who explores jazz standards, latin music, pop/soul/gospel/funk & free jazz/contemporary music.
Sonia Edgy performs with top level musicians in the major London music venues including Ronnie Scott’s Upstairs, Pizza Express Jazz Club, 606 Jazz Club,  Vortex Jazz Club, Jazz Cafe POSK, Primo Bar, Jazz at The Crypt, Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec & Jazz Bar and others smaller venues.


Sonia studied the following vocal techniques:
Bel canto (classical voice emission),
Speech Level Singing (S. Riggs),
Complete Vocal Technique (C. Sandolin),
Sing with freedom (P. Bristow)
Voice Healing Method (dr Ch. Elssner)
She gained knowledge of breathing techniques from workshops created by Stig Severinsen (World Champion & World Guiness Record holder), and Buddhist meditation teachings. I’m currently studying Kapalbhati Pranayama Breathing Technique.
Sonia possessed extensive stylistic knowledge what gives her the ability to work with students whose interests lie within various music genres.

She is passionate about creatively guiding students to reach their full potential. Her original method Meet Your Voice is a unique program based on a holistic approach and kinaesthetic awareness.
You will be able to express yourself with freedom and joy at any age!


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