Available to hire for the discerning creative

Music Rooms For Hire

Four rooms available to hire. Perfect for teaching, rehearsing & solo practice.

The Amy & Miles Rooms feature upright piano, mirrors, music stands, table & chairs. Suitable for up to four people.

The Herbie Room features an upright piano, Drum Kit, PA system and music stands. Suitable for up to four people.

Herbie, Miles & Amy Rooms: £15/hour (£11 off peak)

Off peak times Monday to Thursday 10am to 5pm

Discounts available to members.

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Amps available on request: 2 x bass amps, 1 x Roland keyboard amp, 2 x guitar amps (subject to availability)

Microphones also available on request at an additional charge

Projector hire available on request at additional charge

Dance Studios For Hire

Floor to ceiling mirrors

Choice of softwood or hardwood floors

Sony sound system

Natural Light & Roof Balcony

Digital Piano or Upright Piano

Chairs & Tables (on request)

Projector hire available (on request)

Balcony Studio: £41/hour (£22 off peak)

Solo Studio: £24/hour (£13 off peak)

Lounge Studio: £31/hour (£16 off peak)

Off peak times Monday to Thursday 10am to 5pm

Further discounts available to members.


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