Hi Harriette,

Just a quick note to thank you for the musicianship fast-track course that my son Joseph has just done with you. He really enjoyed it–always bouncing out of the studio when I came to collect him, which is a very good sign! We live too far away to do more than occasional courses like this, but I hope the academy continues to flourish.

Best wishes,

Sarah Smith

My daughter age 12 has attended The North London Music Academy since it opened, with weekly classes in singing and music theory. Harriette has taught her to love to sing in a way that has both inspired and encouraged her. Through Harriette my daughter has learnt how important it is to work hard, practice and be creative which has encouraged her drive to improve and learn new things. Thank You for your commitment and having the best environment where it is not only fun, but also rewarding.

Josette Keller

The Academy boasts a healthy ethos which is perfect for everyone involved. The facilities available are perfect for the modern musician. This is a place which will grow stronger for many years to come!

Mark Crown (Rudimental)

My daughter, aged 12, has been having individual singing lessons for almost a year. She enjoys them hugely and always looks forward to them. Harriette, her teacher, has been really encouraging and always makes lessons fun. She has also gone out of her way to get hold of the music for the songs my daughter wants to sing.

Louisa Saunders

Harriette is an inspiring singing teacher. I really look forward to my lessons and the end of term always comes too quickly.’ ‘My daughter has grown in confidence since having singing lessons.’

‘Harriette just seems to have a magic touch for inspiring my daughter and encouraging her to love the music and sing better.’ ‘The academy is a great place – so much going on. We really look forward to Saturday mornings.’

‘The academy is amazing as soon as you walk in you can feel the energy and the place has a real buzz about it.’

Cathy and Charlotte Woodman

My son loves coming to the Academy. Tom takes the time to understand and encourage him so he has a great time learning to play the guitar. There seems to be a lot of respect between teachers and students. A great place to learn and have fun.

Catherine Gallagher

Ok well I would say that, that the academy has got a music feel from the moment you step in and see the grand piano. I’m Happy to be a student of Harriette Hale, she cares about her students and really believes in performing.

Roxanne Kelly

I taught Harriette A Level Music from 2004-2006 and I remember her very fondly as one of my brightest and most hard-working students. She had a fantastic work ethic; she was tenacious, determined and always ambitious, both for herself and for others. Her A Level recital of Poulenc songs was, quite simply, mesmerising and I still remember the written project that went with it as possibly the best of its kind I ever read. I have followed Harriette’s career with interest ever since and I am sure that The Academy will be a great asset, not only to the Borough of Camden, but to music education generally.

Fiona Preston

Seeing the smiles on both of my children’s faces after their respective Drum and Guitar lessons is a fantastic testimony of how much they enjoy their lessons at the Academy. The teachers are enthusiastic, patient and very kind, my kids love going and being part of this new venture. Long may it continue!

Sandra Fritzsch

I’ll admit, going to Musicianship at the Academy was not something I was going to do by choice. It was one of those things you get pressured into and are glad you did it later, a bit like homework or this testimonial. Anyway, Musicianship wasn’t really much of a trek for me, only a few stops on the tube on the way home from school. I’d also learnt guitar from the teacher there, so I was comfortable and settled in quickly with the rest of my group (despite my protests, we are now called S.O.C.K.) Tom wasted no time in teaching us, and we quickly got the hang of the lessons. Each lesson was different, but still familiar somehow so we never got too lost. Now when I’m listening to a song, I can recognise on and off beats, step with the music, and even sometimes try to write it out on the leg charts we’ve been given. I speak for myself, and I hope, the rest of S.O.C.K when I say this has made us all thoroughly better musicians.

Conal Gallagher

Very happy with the teaching and encouragement I’ve had at The Academy this past 11 months learning the guitar, and latterly in the group singing classes. Thought I would be too old to learn something new at 51, but progress has already passed my expectations.

Mark Reihill

I discovered The Academy in February this year and take piano lessons with Francesc. He is teaching me to play by ear and improvise, something I had never even tried when I studied piano 20 years ago. He is one of a group of really enthusiastic teachers that make this a special place.

Julia Howe

My daughter has attended The North London Music Academy since it opened, with weekly classes in singing and music theory. Her teacher has taught her to love to sing in a way that has both inspired and encouraged her. My daughter has learnt how important it is to work hard, practice and to be creative which has encouraged her to develop and be successful in passing her singing exams. Thank You for your commitment and having the best environment where it is not only fun, but also rewarding.


My daughter’s been taking singing lessons heresince it opened. There’s so much expertise here, but also a real passion formusic and an atmosphere that is always about enjoyment and fun. There’s also aconcert every term, so everyone gets to put it all into practice. Superb

Louisa Saunders

What originally started out as a group-on deal for five lessons, has kept me returning to the North London Music Academy for the last five months! The warmth, patience and attention of the staff, and being lucky enough to be taught by such a talented team of professional musicians, has aided me with my performance confidence and skills.Do not think that the Academy is just for school children either! It is for all ages! I am a 33 year old professional, who has attended both singing lessons and their song writing course, and am currently considering sharpening up my guitar skills there too.I only wish that such a place had been around when I was younger, because it would not only have helped me thrive musically, but strengthen my self-confidence in all that I do.

Sygnet Van Heldan

Our boys love coming here for their guitar lessons and the musicianship course. The staff are so encouraging and make you feel as if you belong to a family. We know that the skills they are getting will stay with them for life and who knows aim for a Grammy! Sky’s the limit that is how infectious and positive the NLMA teams dedication is!! The end of term concert was magical watching our son play the guitar so confidently after so few lessons. Superb!!

Shade Adekoya

It’s really good. The teachers are so friendly and they really believe in what they are teaching. Harriette Hale is amazing; she is such a good teacher, mentor and performer. All the staff are really welcoming, and the lessons are great. If you want yourself or your child to do well you should really go the Academy.


The Academy is a great place to learn and one can do so in a very effective way. I always look forward to my next piano lesson.

Pau Salsas

My daughter Mina, age 10, started learning the piano last September. In just a few months she is playing waltzes, reading music and composing her own songs and playing by ear.

Elsa Sharpe

The Academy is a great environment to learn music. The staff, setting and building are all fantastic. It has a very buzzy feel, with the young, friendly, enthusiastic staff. My daughter has been taking piano lessons for about a year. She is very fond of her teacher (Alice), finds the lessons enjoyable – so much so that she’s happy enough to do her practice. The only reason I don’t give 5 stars is that it is relatively expensive, I guess because the price includes the extras the Academy offers, such as cafe and reception areas (as well as the very high standards of teaching!).

Camilla Swash

Two of my kids have been attending the Academy; they love it. The Academy’s approach to music is inspirational as are their methods of teaching. Highly recommend the musicianship courses.

Andy Margolis

The Academy North London is a really nice place to learn and play music in a good atmosphere; the teachers are talented and professional. I definitely recommend the Academy for music lovers.

Myriam Labonne

As an adult venturing back into music this has been the best place I could possibly have found to start my journey. Between Harriette’s vocal coaching and Tom’s Songwriting course, I have increased my confidence with my musical ability and understand the importance of learning the fundamentals of music which are taught in such a way that it is much easier to digest and more fun than the chore of music theory back in school. Thank you!

Phillipa James

The musicianship course is an excellent course – thoroughly researched and prepared to help students grow in confidence regardless of the instrument put before them. The understanding of the way music works and how to make music is second to none and is building Matti’s confidence by the week.

Sara Rowe

I’ve been really impressed by the way both the musicianship course and piano lessons at The Academy have developed Louis’ confidence and fluidity as a musician. He is now improvising and experimenting in brilliant ways. He really seems to enjoy the atmosphere.

Andrea Phillips

Great Teachers, amazing atmosphere, The Academy has got it all! I have joined the Academy for a few piano lessons and almost 2 years on I have not only massively improved my understanding of music but I got to love it so much more and have now played 4 different instruments on Academy concerts! Learning never felt more fun and easy and wanting to come back for more! 🙂

Pawel Sanez

A place where music is the main focus and enjoyed by all, an amazing atmosphere to be in where it is easy to make new friends and become inspired. Definitely the best place to be if music is something you want to pursue when your older, very thankful I found out about this The Academy and definitely recommend it to everyone I know, if you love music this is the place to be. 5 STARS 🙂

Lara La Belle

I have been using one of the lovely upstairs Studios for Bellydance classes – everyone is always friendly and kind. Then I’ve joined the vocal masterclass – meeting a bunch of even friendlier people and a nice teacher who is very funny and professional. Now I’m looking forward to going to the Christmas concert!

Valentina Ciolino

I was curious about learning the violin so I had a taster session with Alice. Such a nice woman, very quick and smart and honest. If all of their tutors are like her it’s no wonder they have such a sterling reputation.

Myawoman Addams

I could not die without trying to put my fingers on piano keyboard: I’m extremely glad I did so at The North London Music Academy. I love the atmosphere there and I always look forward for my Saturday lesson. And last but not least, the location is great!

Andrea Monico

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