What has Music Done for me Lately?

So this week I’ve gotten the big boss to come and share her perspective on the volatile relationship that her and music, and like most, pertain to.

As the blog picks up its episodes, I become more conscious of the purpose and the message put on display.

This blog was created to expose how the preconceived notions of a musical career path may vary differently to really living the life and the general practicality of it all that comes with chasing the dream.

Which can be overwhelming, given that musicians usually feel a sense of entitlement, which if not achieved can spark feelings of angst and worry.

So I guess I want to ask, how do you balance that sense of entitlement with music so it remains a positive whilst keeping the negative things like a damaging ego or on the flip-side, self-doubt, at bay.

When asked the blog title question, Harriette pondered for a second, like she does when sourcing inspiration, then immediately snaps back with this concept of a “Sound bubble”.

Now, what is a “Sound bubble” you ask?

A musical tool used to remain undistracted by your environment whether that be internal or external says Oxford Dict…

No, I’m just joking, (I call Harriette, “H” sometimes), H uses music to create her own mental bubble to then block out the “mind chatter” that can cause serious clutter in the ol’ noggin.

Harriette then shared with me that this was partially inspired by a new type of yoga she has taken to, Kundalini Yoga.

Now I won’t go into specifics of why Kundalini is so inspirational because there’s a lot more to it than just this.

By ‘this’ I’m referring to music, music has helped provide an environment of complete bliss and tranquillity for H to meditate which has, in turn, opened up another appreciation and understanding of the art to be explored further.

H’s Kundalini Song recommendation: Kirtan Kriya – Sa Ta Na Ma – by Tera Naam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiKkM9VywzE

So what really sparked the innovation of the “Sound bubble” and ultimately this new found depth and respect for music for H?

It was a serious business burnout which is quite common and pretty much inevitable for serial entrepreneurs a.k.a. insane people.

This time though instead of a trip away to one of the luxurious and lush sands of the world (although I’m sure this is pending). The burnout was the wake-up call H needed to slightly readjust her priorities, then came music waltzing and whisking in to help.

Relieving this suppression of her creative outlets, which was put in place by business priorities has helped Harriette revisit songwriting a very innate passion and skill of hers, so music has been the proverbial “Red Bull” Harriette needed.

Ironic but now clear is the fact that in order for her business to be healthy and efficient Harriette needs to focus on her well-being and passion.

As a lack of one suffocates the other…

Thank you for reading Harriette Hale’s feature on What Has Music Done for You Lately!

We’ll have more content and more features coming for you very soon.


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