What Has Music Done for Me Lately?

In this blog series, I want to touch on the effect music has on not just myself, but for the very same people who walk into The Building and attend private lessons and group music classes.

So firstly me, Thaddaeus. What has music done for me as of late? Well, I have had a couple of studio sessions at home with a few different artists but I haven’t felt the same drive and inspiration I used to feel which was the necessary ingredient that completed whatever I had cooked up.

With this important component missing it has been increasingly difficult to finish a project. Whether it be a song or a collection of them. I just haven’t been able to finish anything! Now, this could have something to do with me being an Aries, but let’s take zodiac signs out of the equation, what could possibly be the cause of my lack of drive?

To find this answer, I had to figure out what had worked for me previously. What was the environment, the vibe and state of mind that I was in and how has that now changed? The practical answer was easy to dig up, and it was so obvious, employment.

Now, I have literally no reason to complain about my employment. I love my job and the people I get to interact with on a daily basis, and the things I have learned and the prospects of things I will learn continues to excite me. But, but, but, but! I work 30 hours a week, I simply have less time than I did before.

Okay so the problem is identified, but how do I overcome this problem. Unemployment? Most definitely not. So I pondered through my memory banks to find what had been an instant source of inspiration that I could conjure up once more and cure me of every artist’s most feared disease “Writer’s Block” *dun, dun, dunhhhhhhhh*.

The answer to the question was again so obvious. It was a challenge, I had needed something that could force will back into my hands. These challenges I speak of would usually relate back to the specifics of music production. So if I had newly discovered a plugin, for example, my challenge would be to use that plugin in a song, whilst doing so I would explore and come across the many different ways I could manipulate the plugin to then manipulate the song.

So what new challenge awaits me? Is the question I should be asking myself. New software, new musical direction, new instruments (midi).

And I think I have come to a conclusion which is a combination of above-said things, a scary conclusion at that because of it all pointing to a change of state of mind.

I had never felt the need to study music production before, I had always thought, I have taught myself everything I know and that’s worked out well for me and I can continue to be the sole educator of myself. 

Which is all well and good, but this was when I had the time to force myself into music, to watch youtube tutorials, interviews with respected music producers and to really study the art myself in the comfort and abundance of my own leisure.

I no longer have this, so what should I do? The answer is clear. Change my state of mind, accept that although I don’t need to study music production it still is necessary. As sometimes just immersing yourself in the environment of your passion is just enough to save it, even if you had since been so far removed from that passion.

So what has music done for me lately?

It’s made me ask myself, what hasn’t music done for me lately? And set me off on a quest to accomplish more through vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Thanks for reading! Next week will feature a new story to tell from somebody other than me…

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