It’s World Music Day!
How did it all start?
Well, If you were lucky enough to be a pedestrian on the streets of Paris in 1982, you would have witnessed the first ever Fête de la Musique, a festival that would be celebrated annually all around the globe.
This event was created to promote active participation in music, rather than solely listening to it.
It was an affair that called for all musicians, amateur or professional to show their stuff.
Not that participation was low at the time.
The French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang was the originator of the festival but it was Maurice Fleuret the Director of Music and Dance that put things into motion.
The report of a 1982 study stating that five million people, one child out of two, played a musical instrument motivated the Director to unite the vast amount of practitioners in a musical showcase on the streets of Paris.
It was also an event created to encourage accessibility to music events like concerts.
Therefore the best way to do so would be offer free music with no strings attached.
Yes, that’s right no dodgy promoters who profit off imperfect customer knowledge.
But more importantly, the true purpose was to eliminate the barriers of popularity and how it shapes the industry and evolution of music.
Various free concerts were organised to ensure all genres of music were to celebrated by those who make them and by those who listen to them.
Since then the Fête de la Musique has blossomed into an event like music which doesn’t require translation.
Furthermore, it has related to millions around the globe and has become a true phenomenon.
An event that’s calls everyone to do one thing and that’s to make music.
Days like these remind us how cool it is to be human.
Happy World Music Day!
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